Methods of controlling pests

Pests are not welcomed in any home because of the damages they can cause to properties and to health. Because of the damages pest can cause, you definitely want to eradicate them from your home. When it comes to addressing a pest problem, you can choose to use a chemical method or a biological method.

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The following article by Linda Crampton discusses in details the advantages and disadvantages of chemical and biological pest control.

Biological vs. chemical pest control: benefits and disadvantage

All living things strive to survive, but unfortunately, the needs of other creatures sometimes conflict with our needs. An example of this conflict is the struggle between pests and humans. Pests are creatures that injure or kill plants or domestic animals, transmit disease, cause economic damage, or are a nuisance in some other way. They eat our food crops or ornamental plants, infect plants that are useful to us, make us sick by transmitting infectious organisms, infest our livestock and pets, and destroy property. An effective form of pest control is essential if we’re going to win the battle with pest organisms.

Many different chemicals are used to kill pests. These pesticides often work well, but since they’re designed to kill living things they may cause serious problems in humans or pets. Read more here.

You likely now know the pest control method you are going to use to address your pest problem. But do you know that there are six other methods you can use to control the pest in your home or office?

The following article by shed light on six other methods of pest control you might not know of.

6 other method of pest control

The use of pesticides to control pests should always be the last resort. Other action can be taken around homes and communities to control pests. Most of these actions simply relate to clean and healthy living.

  1. Hygiene as a method of pest control

When houses and yards are kept clean, there is no food for pests and nowhere for them to live and breed, and this, in turn, means that there are few pests.

Pests can be controlled by practicing good hygiene in the following ways:

Clean up after meals. Put food scraps in the bin, and wash and dry plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and cooking pots after use. Read more here.

You definitely now know a thing or two about pest control, you are probably contemplating if you should address your pest problem on your own or seek the help of pest control services.

The following article by porch will help you determine if you really need a pest control service.

Do you really need professional pest control service?

Most homes will have their fair share of unwanted critters. Not only can pests leave behind toxic messes and contribute to allergies, they can potentially damage the structure of your home. Some pest control problems should be handled by professional but other issues can be a do-it-yourself project. Read more here

Final note

Knowing about the biological and chemical method of pest control will help you determine the one that will suit your needs. Of course, there are other ways you can use to address your pest problem. But if you are not able to apply them effectively, it will be a wise decision to employ the services of a pest control company.