Microsoft CRM alternatives

Microsoft CRM alternatives

If you are looking of a new CRM system or you want to replace or upgrade your current system, you are likely going to be focusing your attention on the big players in the industry that are very popular and have made a name for themselves.

An excellent example of a popular system that a lot of people are using is the Microsoft dynamics system. Microsoft is basically the biggest software company in the world right now. Their dynamics is has a lot of wonderful features that are definitely going to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, track the progress of a marketing campaign and effectively use social media.

Presently, multiple versions of the Microsoft CRM are available and can be used basically by any industry and business. One key thing that makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM standout is that it can easily integrate with common Microsoft office programs that a lot of people can use easily.  What this means therefore is that much training is not required in other to use Microsoft CRM.

Each version of the Microsoft CRM is based on the department it is designed for. Below are some versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The sales version

This price of using this version ranges from 50 to 90 USD. It has some tools that can be used for social media engagement. It is used basically to boost sales.


The price of using this version ranges from 125 to 200 USD per month. This version includes marketing campaign analytics and management.

Social version

The version is used for social force automation and social listening. The price of using this version is 65USD on a monthly basis.

According to Gartner, CRM software’s are basically one of the most rapidly growing software segments. So, if you are looking for a CRM system for your business organization, you need to have it in mind that there are a lot of systems for you to check out before making your decision.

You definitely will agree that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a good rating. The only problem with it is that it is too expensive and difficult to use. Because of these reasons, you likely may be looking for other alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some alternatives to Microsoft alternatives.

Mothernode CRM

The mothernode CRM helps to manage your sales team, contacts and inventory, identify business opportunities, and manage your leads. All these are done right in the cloud. This CRM can be accessible on mobile devices. 

Even more, popular accounting and marketing systems like MailChimp can easily be integrated into it.

The mothernode CRM has a couple of packages that are designed for members of your teams.


This is basically an all-in-one CRM that is designed for small businesses that need lead management, sales automation, and a phone system in order to reach potential clients. The following industries will benefit a lot from using this system;

  • Non-profit organization
  • Real estates management
  • Dealerships
  • Insurance companies

The start price of this system is 65USD per month. Users get a discount when they chose to pay annually.


This is basically one of the best CRM on the market right now. Sales force is one of the fastest growing CRM vendors. Its feature can effectively be used to manage sales, improve customer satisfaction and many more.

It stores all important information about a client or prospect. Even more, it creates a window for it users to manage their campaigns.

 Final note

These are not the only alternative to Microsoft Dynamics CRM; there surely are others that will be able to meet your needs. Do some research to find out about them.