Pest Infestation and What We Can Do About It

Pests are one of the things that we really hate to see in our homes. They bring dirt, they spread virus, they destroy properties, they eat our food, they ruin everything, and they are simply gross. Sometimes, no matter how we clean and pest proof our homes, there will always be different kinds of pests infesting our properties. Furthermore, when left untreated, they could spread, raise in number, and could literally put you house down.

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In an article written by Craig Donofrio, we would be able to see and read about nine of the worst pest infestations.

9 of the Worst Pest Infestations We’ve Ever Seen

If you’ve spotted a mouse, cockroach, or other highly unwelcome visitor in your home, we certainly feel for you. But here’s a reality check: It could have been much, much worse. From nocturnal flying mammals to slithery limbless reptiles, these extreme pest infestations will make you want to have your home inspected again and again. And again. Just to make sure.

Bats under the roof

Bats in the belfry? If only. The roof of Polo Pamares’ home in Miami was practically lined with the leathery night fliers, forcing him to replace the whole thing in January 2011.

According to the homeowner, the bats could be heard chirping at night but never entered the house while their population grew over a three-year period. His son Paolo, then 12, told WPLG Local 10 that “at Halloween, everybody would come to our house to see the bats.” When workers finally hacked up the Spanish tile, hundreds of the nocturnal beasts took to the skies. Read more here.

That was not just surprising, it is even creepier. Not doing anything about your pests at home would possibly result to what you have just seen above. If you don’t want that to happen, then you should probably eliminate what you see as early as possible. If worst cases come and for example your house gets infected with fleas, then you should probably call a pest control service. LISA JO LUPO will guide us by giving us 12 steps to prepare for flea control service.

12 Steps to Prepare for Flea Control Service: Make the Most of Your Flea Control

No one wants fleas in their home, but once your dog or cat carries them in, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Your pet can get fleas from the outdoors or from being around other animals that have fleas. Whether deciding to attempt control yourself, or work with a pest control company, it is crucial that the home, pet(s), and yard—if applicable, all be treated at the same time.

If you have chosen to contract with a pest control provider for service, there are steps that you will need to take to prepare.

Prior to performing this, or any service, professional pest control operators (PCOs) will generally provide you with a specific list of preparation activities, “prep,” to be completed before they arrive. However, the following lists some of the most common requests or recommendations made by PCOs – and should also be followed prior to using any over-the-counter pest control products yourself. (When using any pesticide, read and follow all label directions and safe-use guidelines prior to purchase and use.) Read more here.

Provided above are the steps and guide that we should remember and do before and after the treatment. Remember that you should not come in unless it is said so by the pest controller because the air inside your home might be toxic. So the information above would really be a helpful guide. Once every corner is already clean,  Emma Smizer will give us a tip in order keep pests away.

Place Peppermint At Home And Say Goodbye To Mice, Spiders, And Other Unwanted Pests

Peppermint has definitely made its name not only for its amazing smell, but also for all of its amazing household benefits. Keeping a few peppermint plants around your home can keep pesky pests from sneaking in, or just to keep your place smelling fresh. An added plus is how easy this plant is to care for, regardless if you’re growing it indoor or outdoor.

Peppermint comes essentially in two popular varieties – black or white. Black peppermint has darker leaves and tends to have a stronger scent, whereas white peppermint is lighter both in color and aroma. Regardless of what type you choose, make sure you give your mint plenty of water and drainage. These home-helpers also enjoy partial to full sunlight so don’t be afraid to give your mint some extra sunshine!

Now that you know how to take care of your peppermint, let’s jump right in to how it will take care of your home. Read more here.

Peppermint will not only make your house smell nice, but it will also keep pests away. It could also keep your pets flea-free. So it could also make your pets feel more comfortable because they wouldn’t have to scratch their body from time to time anymore. It is really possible for pests to tremendously multiply in your homes that is why it is important to already prevent them from coming.