Things A Paper Converting Firm Can Do

The uses of paper are infinite and there are so many different kinds of paper products available nowadays. Paper converting companies can use the different forms of paper and convert them into other kinds to be used for several purposes. They used special paper converting equipment to turn butcher paper, kraft paper,linerboard or freezer paper into several paper products that can be used in different manners. Basically a paper converting company can take form of paper product and fabricate it into another kind of paper product. For example you can make a large roll of sandwich wrap from kraft paper using paper converting equipment to print, coat and then sheet it.

Here are six types of things paper converting suppliers can do:


If paper converting companies use custom flexographic printing they can print illustrations, a business logo, artwork, stories and more on paper products for the use of branding. This is mostly used by restaurants and eating joints that wrap line baskets and sandwiches where they use kraft paper to ship their products. They turn plain paper into stylized branded paper using custom branding equipment.

Food protection

Paper converting companies can create paper products to help preserve and protect food products. Most of these firms use steak paper, freezer paper and FDA approved butcher paper to provide a proper barrier for food. Most often this food service paper is usd to store meat, display steaks and wrap sandwiches.

Industry solutions

Paper converting companies create paper products for industries depending on their various needs.Depending on the industry at hand, these paper converting firms take on projects whether it be for medical pratices, restaurants, grocers, construction, manufacturind and teaching purposes.

Less waste

Paper products make up more than half of the recycable items all across the globe. They are more in number and weight than the total of the plastic waste. This recycable paper and paper products is used by many paper converting firms to convert into other paper products to be used again.

Solutions for everyone

There are any uses of paper that a paper converting company can take advantage of like children’s projects, wedddings, decorations, craft projects and more. These go beyond industry related projects and can take on various forms and purposes.


Paper converting firms can convert paper products into various forms for versatile uses. These uses include cores, paper tubes, cornerboard, boxes, bags, industrial liners and envelopes.